Why Silicon valley?

SILICON VALLEY, located between San Francisco and San Jose in the northern part of California, is the home of many key U.S. corporations that specialize in advanced electronic and information technologies, including the headquarters of 39 businesses in the Fortune 1000, and thousands of startup companies. It is the largest technology hub in the world and considered as the most innovative area in the entire United States.

Most notable company headquarters located in Silicon Valley are Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Linkedin, Microsoft, Apple, Uber, Twitter, eBay and Yahoo!

Our Client

EdynKeep a good thing growing

Edyn is a smart garden system that lets you know what’s happening in your garden at all time. The Edyn App displays this data as a real-time snapshot of your garden, and pushes alerts and suggestions to maximize plant health. In the short way, you never need to worry about the conditions of your lovely garden as edyn will keep you updated at any time.

Based in the beautiful city of Oakland, California, Edyn is currently in need of smart and innovative Android developers! Land a job at Edyn!

SenselyThe future of Healthcare

Sensely helps to connect patients and clinicians together into one platforms where patients could do many assessments of their health with their virtual avatar nurse and in the end communicate with the clinicians from anywhere, at any time. Sensely won an award from WIRED as Health Start-up stage winner 2016 as one of the most innovative health start-ups ever existed.

Sensely collaboration with EVOLABLE ASIA has begun since the end of 2016, and currently looking for ambitious Vietnamese iOS developers! If you care to make a better change in human’s life. Find your future with Sensely!

“Why should I be a part of the U.S project
team in Evolable Asia?”

  • Exposure to Global Business and Technologies.

    How about working at a place where your job could have a major impact on your company, your industry, and even the world? From a robot to prepare your hot shower and breakfast, to an app to measure your energy level before you go to bed, everything is done in accordance to advanced technologies. Land a job now!

  • Daily communication in English

    If your brain is filled with vision of global citizen and have the chance to travel regularly, or get to interact with people from completely different settings and backgrounds on a daily basis? You definitely won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity. Submit your application and prepare for Takeoff

  • American way of business – Strive for success in the most efficient way

    American business culture is generally more relaxed and laid back. The leader will focus more on the most efficient way to reach the goals. Some offered flexible working hours, as long as the big goals are achieved, and typically rewarding the employees based on their achievements. If that's what you're looking for, EVOLABLE ASIA needs you.

  • Visit to the United States

    As the origin of our clients are based in the United States, high performance members will likely to be invited to visit the headquarter to discuss about the project requirements or further trainings. Pack your bags and feed your passion for experiencing the world. We only have one final question: When can you come visit?