For all EVA members, if you never experience the creative and professional working
environment, how you could be professional at work? Therefore, our goal is to
provide everyone the best environment to work with endless opportunities to learn, practice and relax.
The new office will be a place where something new awaits you every day, no
distance between technology, life and work in.
Get inspired by exploring EVA New Office via our 360˚ view.

EVA New Office’s exciting mix of events, seminars, clubs, and dining. You’ll find we have
rich stories to share of our history, our legends and our future.
SUL YOOSA Chef Executive Officer
Why do you want to move the new second building?

"We established the company since 2012. Throughout the development, our company is known for bringing the great benefits as well as providing the best working environment for employees. I have decided to move to this new building with such enthusiasm. This step is also a result obtained from the efforts of all members of the company. Up until today, our company has two office buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. In order to have a better collaborative environment, I have decided to move the second office to the new building, located just 2 minutes walk from the main office. Moreover, I want to increase the number of employees, as well as bringing better benefits and great working environment for all current employees."

What is EVA future image?

"In Asia, I have never seen any company which has the culture similar to America's Silicon Valley. Our goal is to establish our office like them.
I'm thinking of building the working environment similar to what it looks like in Google campus or Facebook Headquarter. This system will be implemented in Vietnam by first, internationalizing and create a diversity of human resource in our office environment, with a hope that each member of the company could achieve their best performance."

Your message to everyone?

"To achieve these goals, my first step is to make EVA as a company with the best working conditions and an environment in Vietnam. For that purpose, not only we need to improve our software outsourcing expertise but also to enhance our own businesses. All depends on our employee's power and contributions!
We always welcome people who have the same future goals with us, willing to bring your maximum potential and performance to EVA for further and higher growth and developments, all together!
I'm waiting for your participation to join our company!"

Concept of design

Working space
"I designed colorful stripes vertically on the base of concrete grey, demonstrating an assembly of various individuals inspired from the company’s vivid logo. I draw a line between two spaces, a working space and a relaxing one as a distance from windows makes the simple area the working space, and an entire area at the window surrounded by green makes itself a relaxing space. I hope it to be much more communicational space beyond labs than it used to be."
"First, I thought I wanted to create a space as boldly as it to express the energy and uniqueness of EVA.
I thought of putting a glass hillock so that people can hold an event or have a daily break there, even have a meeting sitting on the ground. The green hillock moderate the sight of functional glass meeting rooms. I hope the combination of the natural upside-down like a ground and green grown from it helps everyone in the office feel like they are in a park or glass field.”


“I was aiming to create the coolest and most unique office in Vietnam. While doing so and having up-side-downs with each upcoming results, me and my team ended up having a special feeling of this office. I hope this office stimulates your creativity and eventually turns out to be the reason you all want to work there.”

About Joe Chikamori

Joe Chikamori, Japanese highly qualified architect, has more than 15 years experience in the fields of architecture, visual effects and interior design in Tokyo and Southeast Asia. He's known for his work of pizza 4P's first store, one of the most well-known and authentic pizza restaurant in Vietnam. Earning high reputations through his projects, he has been nominated as a finalist of A+ Award for hospitability with restaurant category for his work of Sushi Rei in HCMC.

  • Pizza 4P’s
  • Pizza 4P’s
  • Sushi Rei
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